Monday, January 23, 2012

Offerings of the Heart - States of Being

I enjoyed the beauty of the ice hanging from the tips of the trees on my walk this morning. As I wandered and admired the frozen motion from tree to tree I was struck by two thoughts that made me look at the water cycle differently and see it as an amazing teacher.

The first thought was how completely the water had transformed its state of being. The air around it changed temperature and the water transformed with the change. Its essence didn’t change, still H2O, just its form of being.

I started looking at Spirit in terms of the water cycle. The pure essence and energy of Spirit is the gas phase. As Spirit takes form as an individual soul or individual expression of Spirit, it takes on its fluid state and moves with ease and grace. Then as Spirit takes shape and expresses in the human form, or plant or animal or star or rock, etc. though I am focusing on the human form here, it becomes solid. Never did it change its essential essence of Spirit; it simply changed its state of being. And when the solid form ceases to be solid anymore, it will return either directly to its Source or remain in the soul form a bit longer (or maybe a lot longer). It seemed a fascinating way to look at being.

I was grateful to the tiny drops of water that had transformed so easily into their solid form for the opportunity to see differently.

The other thought their beauty brought to me was in relation to how easily they transform and yet retain the essence of what they are. In our cycle when we solidify we seem to live believing we are something other than our true essence. I started to wonder about what I would want to be seen if my life did suddenly freeze. In the strands of ice, I saw light and beauty and the water that they are, paused in motion. If my life froze and others could walk past and see it would they see the beauty of my true essence, of the Spirit that I am? It certainly gives me food for thought. My desire would be for me to live the essence of unconditional love that I am and for that to be what would be visible if my state of being suddenly changed.

Much wisdom is held in one drop of water.

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