Monday, January 2, 2012

Offerings of the Heart ~ January 2, 2012

Wow, I’m way behind in wrapping up the blog for 2011, in bringing my blogging about the Pledge of Peace and love to a close. I think there’s a good reason for that though, besides the fact that the last two weeks were ridiculously busy and fun. I think I haven’t sat down to write the “last” blog on the Pledge of Peace and Love because it is not over, it is simply transforming.

Writing about peace and love on such a regular basis had a powerful impact upon my life. It guided me to be more focused in each moment on where I was making choices from. I’m so glad that I made the pledge to myself to write and practice on a daily basis.

Each new year I refrain from making resolutions, but instead set intentions. My friend Christine and I host an annual event called the Intentional Creation Party. It is a time of gathering together in the silence for listening deeply to the voice of Spirit and allowing that guidance to lead us to intentions for our lives for the year. It is a deep joy to create with Christine and to create and hold the sacred space for others to sit within for connection with Spirit.

Between the Pledge of Peace and Love and the Intentional Creation Party it is clear what is mine to do this year. As I sat by the side of Mother River yesterday and made the offering of my heart in service, I knew that the blog would transform along with the offering. The eagle flew by to affirm my commitment.

What is mine to do this year then, is to live from a deeper place within myself. To sit at the center of what I call the Unbreakable Heart, the Heart of God within myself and live from there. It really is a natural outgrowth or deepening of the Pledge of Peace and Love. I will be writing about and sharing my adventures here in living more deeply from my heart.

I invite you to join me in living more deeply from your heart this year and to share the wonders of your journey with me.

I wish you a joy filled, peaceful, heart centered 2012!

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