Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Rules of Creation

I have felt prompted over the past couple weeks to read back through many of my writings. What a journey that has been!! So much growth and learning. I'm glad I wrote it all down!! One of the things I came across today is The Rules of Creation. They are now on my website www.conversationswithmysoul.com as well as here. Happy Creating!

The Rules of Creation

1. You are a Creator. This is the most important rule; all the others are insignificant if you don’t know this rule. You create your life. You create your world. You came here as a creator and you have been creating your life since the day you were born.

2. You are Love. At the center of your being, of your soul, exists only the energy of Love. There is no fear, no doubt, no hatred, no self loathing, no separation, no prejudice, and no judgment at the center of your being. Those are all layers that you have created in your lifetime and put on over your soul. When Love is forced to travel through these layers it becomes distorted. Your soul is always struggling to throw off those layers and express its true self; Love. Let it.

3. God is you and you are God. Don’t scoff, that is simply one of the layers from rule #2 speaking. Listen to the core of Love for that is where you and God are One. God resides within you and with you co-creates your life. God does not judge your creations, you have free will. God simply helps you create what you focus your energy upon. Do not feel guilty or discouraged by what you have created so far. If you do not like the life that you have created then recreate it. If you do like what you have created then share that creation and the process of that creation with others.

4. Now is the beginning. Each moment is a new opportunity for “In the beginning there was…” You create something new each moment. Do not dwell on what you created before or what was created millennia ago. Write your own holy book, your own story. You start with a fresh, blank page each moment. This is the beginning, create.

5. The goal is Joy. The goal of life is to live in Joy. Everything you create in each moment should bring you Joy, should lead to Joy, should share Joy with others. You are here to create Joy. Your heart calls out to you each day to live in Joy. Are you listening? Pay attention. Your heart knows the way to Joy. Follow it. Your soul’s purpose on this Earth is to create and live in Joy. You each have different gifts for achieving this goal but the goal is the same for each soul; Joy.

6. Your heart is your compass; your mind is a tool. Your heart knows all these rules. Your head doesn’t believe them. Even now your head is questioning what you are reading. You need only remember that your mind is a tool, a gift for your to use, it need not control your actions. It should not control your actions. The mind is directly linked to the ego, to the personality of this human existence. The heart is directly linked to the soul. That is why intuition comes from the heart and doubt comes from the mind. Let your heart guide you home and you will live in Joy.

7. Trust the unseen force that guides the compass. To be able to follow the guidance of your heart compass you must trust. You must trust the force that guides the compass’ point. You do not doubt north when your compass shows it to you, do not doubt Truth when your heart shows it to you. The unseen force that guides the Universe and each heart in it is God, Great Spirit, Allah, it has many names but is One and it leads only to Truth. Truth can be distorted by human minds and words and wills which is why you were given a compass to guide you. You need only trust it and the force that guides it. To truly create Joy you must be able to trust the guidance you are given each moment.

8. Imagination is the fuel of creation. To create a thing or a feeling or a world you must first be able to imagine it. This is where your heart and your mind finally unite and work as one. When they do, true miracles are possible. Imaginings born of the heart and expanded and seen in the mind are the true work of creation. Uniting all the forces of creation through Love and Joy and trust and focusing them with the heart and amplifying them with the mind is your work. Imagine with the Joy of a child all the glorious things the Universe can hold and be. Imagine with all the Love that is at the core of your being. Imagine with all the power of creation behind you and create a world of beauty and Peace and Joy and Freedom.

Each moment is a new beginning. It is yours to imagine. What will you create?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Path of Least Resistance

Taking the path of least resistance, in human terms, is often looked down upon as lazy. My question is why not take the easy way? Why would we choose to take the path of most resistance? And yet we do. We do it all the time. We choose a way that is the most difficult or at least more difficult than it needs to be. Why? To prove what?

This is the actual definition from Dictionary.com, the path of least resistance: “the easiest way; "In marrying him she simply took the path of least resistance.” This is how we view the path of least resistance, settling for something, taking the easy way out.

Yet, it’s natural to take the path of least resistance. In scientific terms it is the path that is the least resistant to the forward motion of an object or entity - the least resistant to forward motion. If we want to move forward with ease we simply need to move naturally along the path of least resistance. It is already there waiting in the natural progression of motion, a path along which we can move with ease. A path paved with Grace.

I don’t mean to say that this path will magically have no challenges along the way. I learn many lessons through the challenges in my life. Yet if I choose to walk the path laid out before me by Spirit that leads to my highest expression then those challenges are more easily met and more quickly moved through. Yes, I do believe that Spirit has a path laid out for us to live our highest expression here on Earth, a path of least resistance.

Repeatedly on this journey over the past few years I have used the power of my words to call in my learning gently. Before a few years ago I didn’t even know I had that option. I thought, as I had been conditioned to think, that life lessons had to be painful and difficult to truly learn. I was wrong. I could learn the same lessons in a much more gentle way. I could resist less and learn more quickly. I found that if I am gritting my teeth and preparing for the pain then I am actually resisting it and so how can I possibly see more clearly or learn the lesson gracefully.

It was the same principle with the delivery of my first child. I had no idea what to expect or how to cope with the pain or the challenge, after all I had never given birth before. But I took the classes! So surely I now knew what to do during the process to deal with it easily. So when the pain began I gritted my teeth and tried really hard to resist fighting the pain. I laugh at myself now when I look at those words – tried really hard to resist fighting the pain. At the time I thought I was working with the process when in reality I was not. Eventually I got an epidural (I loved that anesthesiologist when he arrived more than anyone in the world!) and almost immediately went to sleep. They woke me up a couple hours later to tell me that it was time to have the baby. I was fully dilated and it was time to push. I told them I wanted to go back to sleep! They were insistent however, and 45 minutes later my daughter was born. I had spent all day in labor without any forward motion towards birth and when I went to sleep and stopped resisting, the process was completed with ease.

Trust me; I’m not advocating medication as a way to deliver a baby easily or as a way to move through life easily! The problem I faced in that delivery was my own resistance to the pain and so in that resistance I simply prolonged and intensified the pain. Once I took the path of least resistance (there was still pushing after all!) I moved through the process more easily and more quickly.

The medication I’m talking about along the path of life is really trust, trusting that there is a path laid out before you and it is paved with Grace. There is a path of least resistance that we can take, that in truth is a gift to us, which leads to our soul’s highest expression. It is not lazy, it is not an escape, it is a gift. With joy I accept the gift of the path of least resistance and move forward with ease and gentleness and Grace.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Human Being?

I am a human being. Or am I? In truth that is what I am working toward becoming, a human who is being. Some days I am completely there in that moment simply being. Other days I am more focused on the human part. At least though, I have discovered the idea. That’s a start. Or is it?

I find that if I am thinking about being, then clearly I am not in that being. It’s a challenge in this human world to go through your day and just be who you are. Not be who others think you are or who you might want to be one day or who you think you ought to be today, but just to be the truth of spirit that you are.

When you get right down to it maybe the term really ought to be, Being Human. I am Spirit, being human. I am an expression of that Divine light in human form. The catch seems to be that the human form is a powerful form of expression that comes with many experiences of emotion. Those emotions then have a tendency to make us forgetful of who we are, and to borrow a brilliant description, we get lost in form.

We believe along the way that we are humans being. We believe that this is the goal of existence, this human life, and over the millennia we have developed a vision of what a successful human life should be. Truly though, this vision only seems to cloud our spiritual vision, our memory of ourselves. We travel through this human life and if we are lucky get flashes of remembering the Spirit that gives life to this human form. We see it in a child’s eyes, a child whose memory is not yet clouded. We see it in the natural world all around us. We feel it in a deep connection to someone on the other side of this glorious globe who is suffering.

We get glimpses and then we bat our eyes and rub the memory out of them. It can leave us momentarily in a daze, as though we just woke from a dream and can’t quite remember it but know it was a beautiful dream. It is not a dream though. We can live those glimpses, into our human reality. We can allow those moments of clarity to expand.

Try it. When you have a moment of feeling that closeness to Spirit, that feeling of connection to all, just be still and allow it to grow. Be that connection, that oneness for as long as you can. And I don’t mean be still, as in sit in the lotus position and be still, because in our human form that is not always possible. I mean, be still within yourself with that feeling of connection, of truth, no matter what you are doing. Allow it to take over your whole body whether you are walking, working, sleeping, exercising, or meditating, whatever you happen to be doing, simply do it from that place of connection and watch what happens.

It’s as if the edges you thought everything had disappear. Everything smoothes out and flows easily. Watch it and see. Feel it. I have found that as I learned to allow those moments to expand on their own simply by being in them, that the duration of feeling that connection expanded too.
That’s how my evolution began. The remembering comes more easily now too. I can move from being caught up in a human moment of whirling emotions to remembering that I am a Spirit Being much more easily. In that shift the situation shifts too, my whole life began to shift. I began to know that in staying in that state of being I was allowing my highest expression in this human form to be as well. That was when I went from Human Being to Spirit Being.