Thursday, June 17, 2010

Food of Love

In my writing process I most often feel as if words are simply moving through me.  There are some ways in particular that I know for certain are purely words moving through me and this came from one of those writings the other day.  I found it to be very interesting and so I thought I would share it.  Enjoy in Love!

With an infant a human need is simply a human need. They cry for food or nourishment. They are acknowledged to need love for true, pure growth and stimulation without shame or fear. Love is part of their nourishment and no one belittles them for it. No one holds that need for love against them. As an infant it is part of the basic needs of the human. Then things shift and the need for the nourishment of love becomes conditional and limited as if you outgrown the need for love. That is not true. Love is the source of all nourishment. Love is the core of that bright light. Sit within it and be fed by Love. Feed yourself without shame or self recrimination. Allow that love to fill you and feed you. Its supply is limitless and endless. Fear not in your human form, fear not and love more. Fear none, love all.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I live in gratitude for my morning walks....

There is a natural rhythm to the Earth. With each step I feel it under my feet. With each breath I smell it in the air. With each moment I hear it all around me. With each blink of my eye I see it in color and light. Every morning I am an instrument waiting to be tuned. If I allow it, the birds will sing with me until I hit a harmonizing note. If I allow it, the summer green of the leaves, the deep burgundy of the lilies or the pure cobalt of the blue jay will perfect my vision with their rainbow. If I allow it, the gentle breeze and whispering of the leaves will tighten or loosen a string as needed. If I allow it, my heart will align with the steady heartbeat that arises from the core of the Earth. If I allow it, with each step and each breath I will hear my own contribution to the symphony. I bow my head and continue on in tune.