Sunday, May 13, 2018

Mother's Day 2018

Today I paused to reflect on all the things, people, animals, rocks, and trees that nurtured and nourished a new life within me, a thought, a poem, an idea, a greater understanding, love, or a child, so that I could birth that life into the world.

The rains that washed me clean. The sun that provided illumination. The sorrow that showed me the depths of loss, but also the depths of love. The seed that taught me patience. The migrating bird who taught me to follow my internal compass. The faithful pup who taught me loyalty. The stars who taught me humility, and to see myself as part of something greater. The sunset that revealed the darkness within, so I could heal it. The sunrise reminding me that the light will always return. The everyday acts of kindness that transformed and renewed. The hand that simply took mine offering the assurance I needed. The sound of footsteps walking beside me. The music that motivated and inspired me. The child whose sense of wonder reminded me of my own. The friend whose laughter recalled me home. The tree who provided shelter from the storm. The praying mantis who reminded me to live with prayerfulness, and the swan who reminded me to live with grace. The eagle who reminded me that I could fly and trust the wind to lift me. The rocks who grounded me and taught me about inner strength. The parents who loved me, provided for me, and protected me (sometimes from myself). The bear who reminded me to go within and rest. The river who taught me to move with the currents of life in both drought and flood. The sunflower who shows me the importance of facing always toward the light. The mountain who shows me that all things change with time. The storm who reminds me that there are things I can’t control. The tiny ant who teaches perseverance and faith in my own power no matter how small I may seem. The honey bee who reminds me how interdependent we all are. The love that awakened my heart, lit the path, and guided me.

I see now that to live is to be mothered. There is no greater gift.