Friday, January 3, 2014

Birthday Gratitude

For my birthday this year I am focusing on gratitude for the multitude of gifts in my life.

On this day in the afternoon, a number of years ago, I travelled from the comfort and darkness of my Mother’s womb into the light of this world. I am grateful for each day I have lived since then.

I am grateful for each experience, as each one gave me the opportunity to choose (consciously or unconsciously) to live more fully in the light.

I am grateful for each person whether they be family, friend, lover, teacher or perceived antagonist, as each person had a lesson or wisdom to share, whether it was a challenging lesson or an easy one. Each person has provided the opportunity to choose to live more fully in the light in relationship.

I am grateful for each animal friend who I have crossed paths with. They have offered unconditional love, joy and great wisdom.

I am grateful for the beauty of nature that fills me with wonder on a daily basis. I’m grateful for each illuminating lesson I have learned by simply being still and listening in the temple of Mother Earth.

I am grateful for music that touches and inspires my heart and for the souls so willing to hear and create it.

I am grateful for the gift of words. I am grateful for the day I learned to allow the words to move through me and for each one that has found its way to the chalice of my heart and filled me with joy, sorrow and healing.

I am grateful for my heart, grateful for its capacity for love, joy and empathy. Grateful for the chalice it provides for Spirit to fill and overflow into the world. I am profoundly grateful for each tender moment spent connected to Spirit through this heart.

I am grateful for this strong, healthy, beautiful, miraculous human body that has shared every step of this journey so gracefully and easily, that has allowed me to be in the world and has provided the home for my Divine unbreakable heart and soul, and a place for Spirit to dwell within me.

I am grateful for each day that I wake and am born once again into the light, with heart guided by Spirit.

I am gratitude.

January 3, 2014