Monday, August 11, 2008

Human Being?

I am a human being. Or am I? In truth that is what I am working toward becoming, a human who is being. Some days I am completely there in that moment simply being. Other days I am more focused on the human part. At least though, I have discovered the idea. That’s a start. Or is it?

I find that if I am thinking about being, then clearly I am not in that being. It’s a challenge in this human world to go through your day and just be who you are. Not be who others think you are or who you might want to be one day or who you think you ought to be today, but just to be the truth of spirit that you are.

When you get right down to it maybe the term really ought to be, Being Human. I am Spirit, being human. I am an expression of that Divine light in human form. The catch seems to be that the human form is a powerful form of expression that comes with many experiences of emotion. Those emotions then have a tendency to make us forgetful of who we are, and to borrow a brilliant description, we get lost in form.

We believe along the way that we are humans being. We believe that this is the goal of existence, this human life, and over the millennia we have developed a vision of what a successful human life should be. Truly though, this vision only seems to cloud our spiritual vision, our memory of ourselves. We travel through this human life and if we are lucky get flashes of remembering the Spirit that gives life to this human form. We see it in a child’s eyes, a child whose memory is not yet clouded. We see it in the natural world all around us. We feel it in a deep connection to someone on the other side of this glorious globe who is suffering.

We get glimpses and then we bat our eyes and rub the memory out of them. It can leave us momentarily in a daze, as though we just woke from a dream and can’t quite remember it but know it was a beautiful dream. It is not a dream though. We can live those glimpses, into our human reality. We can allow those moments of clarity to expand.

Try it. When you have a moment of feeling that closeness to Spirit, that feeling of connection to all, just be still and allow it to grow. Be that connection, that oneness for as long as you can. And I don’t mean be still, as in sit in the lotus position and be still, because in our human form that is not always possible. I mean, be still within yourself with that feeling of connection, of truth, no matter what you are doing. Allow it to take over your whole body whether you are walking, working, sleeping, exercising, or meditating, whatever you happen to be doing, simply do it from that place of connection and watch what happens.

It’s as if the edges you thought everything had disappear. Everything smoothes out and flows easily. Watch it and see. Feel it. I have found that as I learned to allow those moments to expand on their own simply by being in them, that the duration of feeling that connection expanded too.
That’s how my evolution began. The remembering comes more easily now too. I can move from being caught up in a human moment of whirling emotions to remembering that I am a Spirit Being much more easily. In that shift the situation shifts too, my whole life began to shift. I began to know that in staying in that state of being I was allowing my highest expression in this human form to be as well. That was when I went from Human Being to Spirit Being.

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