Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012 ~ A Favorable Time

As far as I know, the world is not ending this year, it is beginning! In the past I had the opportunity on two occasions to hear Mayan elders speak of the prophecies for 2012. Neither of them said the world will come to a close this year. What they said was that the visionaries of their ancestry were unable to see beyond December 21, 2012. It was as if there was a veil there that they could not see beyond. Consequently, there was no way to predict what might happen beyond that date.

I see that as an amazing opportunity! Perhaps humanity has an opportunity for a clean slate of sorts this year. Perhaps we have the chance to choose our destiny on a mass scale. Perhaps when you get right down to it, it is simply an opportunity to choose the better part of ourselves, to choose to live the better part of ourselves. Or to borrow a term from a meditation a friend led this weekend, to shift from humankind to Godkind.

I don’t know your beliefs when it comes to God or Spirit or whatever name you use for God, but from my perspective we are all vessels for a divine spark of light. Much of our lives are lived with that light shrouded. I think we begin as children with that light shining forth bright and pure but as we grow we are taught to cover that light, dim it or even deny it. Hopefully, our souls eventually call out to us loudly enough that we begin searching at some point in our lives for the light that was always there within and without.

Life then is a process of knowing, forgetting, remembering and returning again to knowing. Returning to knowing. For me that is what 2012 is all about. The Mayan prophecies, whatever your feelings about them, simply serve as an opportunity for remembering. After all, if you thought the world really would end in December or even tomorrow, where would you live from? Your heart or your head? Your love or your fear? Your Divine light or your human darkness?

One of the origins of the word opportunity is from Latin, opportunitatem, meaning favorable time. 2012, a favorable time to begin anew, to return to knowing, to live our original Divine selves. A welcome opportunity that I will gladly accept now - no need to wait until December!

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