Monday, January 9, 2012

Offerings of the Heart ~ Look Up

I’ve been pondering a gift my daughter gave me for Christmas. I mentioned it in an earlier blog but it has stayed with me since I opened it on Christmas morning. If you missed the other post about it, it was a box with a bow. When I opened it the box seemed to be empty, but she had written in the bottom of the box, Look up. So I looked at the lid of the box and there she had written, Love and drawn a heart.

It seemed to be empty, yet I have never received anything more full. It gave me a whole new perspective on what empty is. It also left me wondering at her wisdom. Look up and find Love.

For me looking up, raising my eyes is not literal. I don’t imagine a God on a cloud up in Heaven. I see a God all around me in everything. For me the wisdom she offered is clear and simple, look up means, to raise my eyes, to raise my consciousness, to raise my awareness, to raise my life to love. Look up and find Love.

Thank you again my little light for sharing your wisdom!

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