Monday, February 6, 2012

Offerings of the Heart ~ Snake's Fall from Grace

This is a story I wrote a few years ago. I have been reminded of it a couple times in the last week. So I figured it was time to share it again. Enjoy! I enjoyed writing it and the new perspective it brought. The parts that always jump out at me as the key every time I read it are towards the end in bold - you may have a different key!

The snake’s fall from Grace.  Once he was revered for his great wisdom for he was long and old and wise and in each of his many vertebrae carried the stories of the Universe.  He could fit into places others couldn’t and wrap himself around All.  He was a messenger and a teacher.

He could show you the spiral with a curve of his tail and lead you to its center.  Whether the center was the beginning or the end only he knew.  He did not teach by instruction but by experience.  And when souls chose to experience separation from the One he lead them to the place of separation, the great tree on Earth where the journey was made from Oneness to separation, from one realm to the other. 

He was their guide.  He led them there lovingly knowing the pain they would endure in their choice, but knowing that the wisdom would grow from that choice.  He knew they could remember and find their way back to the tree.  But when the first soul realized its aloneness, its fear of disconnection, it screamed a heart rending cry and when it finally, fearfully opened its eyes, the first thing it saw was snake.  It’s companion and guide now something fearsome. 

Snake still who snake was, he tried to comfort the soul but in its chosen human form it could no longer understand snake’s language or its movements, it could no longer see the spiral.  Realizing this, snake then remained perfectly still.  He changed his color so that he blended into the scenery, so that the soul would not be afraid. 

Still he remains hidden everywhere we look.  If we would see him in his true form we could begin the journey back.  He waits patiently for us to remember so he can again guide us to the tree that serves as a bridge.  Then we can be reunited in our human form with the Truth.  Then can we live fully the choice that we made so long ago.  For truly the choice was to experience the feeling of separation not to live in it.  For to feel separation one must then also feel Oneness.  The feeling of separation is the hiss of the snake that can lead us back.  For if you feel separate then you must have some memory of being One.  So allow the separation to lead you back to Oneness by its very existence, by the awareness of it and that it must have an opposite.  Then will the snake raise its head and do its mesmerizing dance to lead you home again, home to wholeness. 

Snake again your friend who leads you through the stars and along the spiral to the Source of All.

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