Monday, March 12, 2012


I feel as if I am emerging from a month or two of writing hibernation. It was challenging for me to not feel the words flowing through me and yet I didn’t fear it. I knew that writing and allowing words to move through me is just part of how the Divine expresses through me in this life. I knew that had not changed. I could always still feel that connection. It was as if there was just a pause, as if my fingers hung poised over the keys in restful sleep. It feels wonderful now as they are awakening from their slumber, stretching their stiff muscles and once again are flowing with words – almost faster than I can type!

Nothing else had changed in my usual sources of inspiration during my hibernation. My morning walks were still meditative and inspiring – I even got to sit with an eagle one morning along my walk. Yet there were no words that came with the experiences.

Patience is one of my lessons of this lifetime so I got to practice it each day. I did miss the feeling of the energy of Love flowing through me and out my fingertips. I simply witnessed Love flowing in other ways instead.

And perhaps it was a necessary rest. I’m not always one to rest even when I know I need it. Maybe my fingers connect more directly than my mind with the wiser part of myself, knowing as the trees know that to rest is to prepare, to rest is to honor the natural flow, to rest is to be.

It may be the coming of spring and the change in the weather and the light, or it may have been the full moon and her intense beauty last week that reawakened my sleeping fingers. No matter the cause they are well rested and joyfully tapping as the Love flows as freely as the sap in the wise and awakening trees. Welcome Spring!

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