Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pledge of Peace and Love ~ Day 7

There is a majestic tree that I sometimes pass on my morning walks. Its strength, height and beauty always catch my attention. This morning it caught my attention for another reason.

The leaves on it have just begun to turn a little yellow on the edges. As I was approaching it today, the sun was still rising, so the light was illuminating the tree from below. When I looked up it was as if every single leaf on that tree was lit up! It stopped me in my tracks it was so beautiful! So great was her beauty that I was  barely cognizant of the approaching cars as I began crossing the street. I’m sure the drivers thought I was crazy walking around with my eyes to the sky but I couldn’t help it. Each leaf a shining light. It was truly glorious!

I was grinning like a fool as I walked beneath her and raised my face to absorb the glow. As I paused, bathed in her light I thought, each leaf lit, each life lit. There they stood, peacefully radiating their light into the world, and from my perspective, making my world better for their light. I continued on, peacefully radiating my light into the world. I’m sure I didn’t stop anyone in their tracks like she did, but I did let my light shine.

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