Friday, October 14, 2011

Pledge of Peace and Love ~ Day 1

How I lived my pledge of love today had to do with a robin. On my morning walk I saw a dead robin laying in the grass in front of a house on Washington Ave. As I noticed it I thought, Awww, how sad, and continued walking. I got about six feet before I stopped and turned back. I went and stood beside the robin, bowed my head and offered my love and my gratitude for the robin, his song, his colors, his inspiring flight and his life. As I walked away I thought of all the other creatures, plants/trees and people who would transition to another form today, whose songs I would never hear. I bowed my head as I walked and offered them love and gratitude for their songs, that though I will never hear them, echo in the hearts of others.

Thank you sweet robins for the gift of your songs.


kloppski said...

How did I get so lucky to have a friend with such a beautiful heart? I do believe you are one of my teachers in life, and I'm grateful for you. <3 (see, even *I* can learn to practice love and peace each day!)

(and my word veri? anest -- definition: anest for all the beautiful creatures that have passed, may the rest in peace)

Lynda Allen said...

Thank you sweet Lori. I'm grateful for you as well!

I love that definition! Is that really a word?!

kloppski said...

Naw, the word verifications are never actual it's fun to assign them definitions. :)

(word veri for this post: semit -- you got a definition?)