Saturday, September 26, 2015

Half and Half

Half and Half
Lynda Allen

Half daylight, half darkness.
Upon this equinox even the moon offered only half of herself to reflect the light,
leaving half lost to sight in shadow.
Like her, my halves are not separate,
there is simply a portion that is turned toward the light,
and a portion that is temporarily in shadow.
It feels right to enter autumn this way.

There on the border between light and dark, I can pause, and like the trees,
allow to fall away what is no longer life giving,
what can no longer provide nourishment.
When there has been a shift in the balance of light and dark,
the tree releases the leaf and it simply falls away,
and even in falling away yet creates energy and nourishment in a new way
for the tree that was its home.

Quietly then, I surrender into the stillness of half and half
in preparation for the fall.

 Copyright 2015 Lynda Allen

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