Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Shadow Journey

Inspired by yesterday's vernal equinox, total solar eclipse by the new, super moon and by contemplation of the recent events in our world.  May we continue upon our arc.

The Shadow Journey
Lynda Allen

The moon’s journey through shadow,
little by little, step by step
eclipsing the light.
How can a moon so new, dim a star so bright?
They warn that the moon will blot out the sun.
Yet my eyes see darkness
surrounded by radiant light.
A light so intense
that it cannot be looked upon with the naked eye.
A halo of light
crowning an emerging spring,
and embracing the darkness.

The light reemerges as the shadow journey passes.

Perhaps we are merely in the shadow part of our journey.
Passing between ourselves and the light
and so casting the Earth into temporary darkness.
Yet at that singular moment
when the light seems completely eclipsed,
emerges a light, blindingly bright,
too brilliant for our gaze,
too luminous
to see the work of the light.

If we will but continue on our arc,
the shadow will pass
moment by moment, step by step,
and the light reemerge,
gentle enough for us to look again upon its beauty,
and to bask again in its warmth.

The light reemerges as the shadow journey passes.

Copyright Lynda Allen 2015

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