Wednesday, May 22, 2013

There Is a Brilliant Light

Last night I sat in meditation on light. Once I felt the light radiating from within, I intentionally focused some of it upon the people of Oklahoma who are coping with the aftermath of a devastating tornado. To my surprise I could then see others turning and offering that light to another and another all around the world. Then these words began to come. So I now pass them and the light they carry to you. Feel free to share them both.

There Is a Brilliant Fire
Lynda Allen

There is a brilliant fire,
One that will not burn the flesh.
Sitting beside it I feel its warmth
And am renewed.

The flame leaps
And I draw nearer.
Looking into the heart of fire
I know it is not for me alone.

My hand moves unafraid
Into the core.
The heat caresses my skin
And does no harm.

There is a gentle flutter in my palm
As I pull it from the fire.
A tiny spark flickers
And grows
As I smile upon it.
I know it is not for me alone.

Lit by the light of the fire
I turn
Hand outstretched
To you.

The gentle breath of love
Fans the flame,
A tiny spark leaps
From me to you.
We know it is not for you alone.

Lit by the light of the fire
You turn
Hand outstretched
To another.

One by one
The flame is passed
Love its fuel
The world is lit.

These are the candles I lit during meditation.


kloppski said...

How interesting. In meditation at Zen Farm, we focused on the violet flame, a flame that is not hot. And I too was trying to focus on the people of Oklahoma. Thanks for sharing this, Lynda.

Lynda Allen said...

Thanks for the link Lori!

I thought I had my settings set up to send me an email whenever there were comments but it had my old email address! So I'm catching up on comments...