Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Visit from Snake

I was sitting in the woods on a log writing. I was so in the joy of writing I didn’t even see the snake coming. When finally something caught my eye I looked up and saw a three foot long, black snake about four feet out in front of me and moving very quickly in my direction. There really wasn’t much for me to do so I just stayed completely still to see what he would do. I figured he would sense me and veer off. I was wrong. Apparently I was good at being still and I’m not afraid of snakes so I was decided to simply enjoy the experience. As I watched he just kept coming straight toward me. Soon he arrived about four or five inches to the right of my right foot. I figured that when he reached the log I was sitting on, he would go under it or turn off to his left where there weren’t any obstacles like my feet. Apparently my ability to figure was way off today! Instead of turning any direction at all, he came straight up onto the log! He finally stopped at the top as if he was sitting down for a little visit, with his head swaying only a couple inches from my thigh.

I had been watching him out of the corner of my eye this whole time so I wouldn’t have to turn my head and startle him. I knew he wasn’t a poisonous snake so I wasn’t scared and I new if I didn’t startle him he wouldn’t strike at me (even non-poisonous snakes will bite if they feel threatened). As he sat there next to me for a moment I just took a deep breath and watched him with my peripheral vision with curiosity. That is when he finally sensed me. I could just barely glimpse him turn his head in my direction. I can only assume he flicked that little forked tongue out and picked up a trace of me and the bug spray on my leg. It was of the herbal variety but I guess it was not to his liking because he promptly turned back around, went back down the log and slithered off in the direction from which he had come. I laughed as I watched him go from sheer joy at his visit. What a strange and wondrous moment it was!

That was not the first time I’ve had the joy of the company of the creatures of the woods simply by being still enough in their environment for them to venture by, and it’s not the only interesting encounter I’ve had with a snake. However, it was a delightful reminder of what treasures can be found by simply being in the joy of the moment and being enveloped in the wonder of the spectacular array of life we share this planet with. Thank you my friend snake for the visit and the reminder!

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