Thursday, August 23, 2012

Joe Pye Weed

The past few months have been challenging in terms of finding time for writing. Joyfully, things have settled down some and I'm finding a new rhythm and time to write! It's amazing how much better I feel overall when I am allowing time for the words to flow. This morning I wrote the following poem. It felt wonderful to spend time with the words again...

Joe Pye Weed
by Lynda Allen

along her morning way
the slightest of flutters makes her raise her eyes
she pauses,
amazed that color could take form and fly.
a moment of grace.
yet the smile slips from her lips, like the dew from the leaves,
as her gaze follows the flight of pale yellow
to a field of mauve and green alive with wings.
her breath desserts her,
awe and wonder instead sustain her
as she takes in the miracle of beauty.
hundreds of wings of yellow and periwinkle,
black and cobalt
gently stir the air
as they sit two and three upon a flower
sipping and visiting
wings overlapping,
unaware of the splendor of their gathering.
breath eventually returns along with laughter,
joy overflowing in sound,
at the delight found along her morning way.

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