Thursday, May 10, 2012

Everyday Treasures

One morning not long ago I was walking up the street and I came to a place in the road where there is a wide median with lots of grass and a few trees. It was early enough that the sun was just coming up over the tops of the houses. I rounded the corner and looked up to find a beautiful sight. The grass was filled with what my daughters would call wish flowers, dandelions in full seed, and they were lit up with the sun behind them like a hundred little light bulbs. From the tree in the center there seemed to be hanging strands of sparkling silver. They might have been silk threads from inch worms, but in that morning light it was as if the tree had been hung with streaming tinsel.

Another day as I was walking alongside a fence next to the park, a robin hopped along the fence beside me. At one point he jumped up and flew down a few posts. As he took flight the sun was behind him and it was as if he became translucent. His wings became illuminated, transparent feathers of light. It was such a beautiful sight. It was as if this solid thing, while remaining solid, had yet transformed into light.

Then this morning as I walked along I found that the sidewalk was littered with diamonds! On leaves all across my path were drops of water both tiny and large that were so lit by the morning light that they sparkled like jewels. I smiled at the everyday treasures that I get to witness each day.

As I continued on today, a few more little diamonds caught my eye and a new thought occurred to me. These everyday things, flowers, silken threads from inch worms, a robin, water droplets, when in the light become radiant treasures. What do I look like when I’m standing full in the light and what treasures will I find there? I don’t know for certain, but I’m willing to find out.

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