Monday, April 30, 2012

Writing as My Life Teacher

I've been doing a lot of writing lately. It's an infinite joy for me to be in the flow of the words. I've come to learn how it feels when the words are flowing freely through my heart from a place of all, and when I'm trying to shape them with my mind.

The process of writing is a wonderful teacher for the rest of my life as well. I strive to live each day in the flow of life, not attempting to shape my days through my mind, but allowing my days to flow from my heart from a place of love.

Striving is the key word of course. If I could notice as quickly as I do in writing, when my mind is attempting to push its own agenda, my life would be much simpler. It’s not that my mind is bad; it is a wonderful and miraculous gift. It is simply that my mind holds on to all the old patterns and ways of seeing the world and living that I find no longer serve me in living a life of love.

There is hope though. My mind has learned to let go and trust in the writing process, it has learned to surrender control to the heart and the infinite wisdom found there in my connection to all. In that moment of being open to the words, my whole being in is a state of joy, my mind feels no loss of control only the exquisite bliss of being in the flow. Now I have only to find a way to live that way each moment, to allow my whole being, including my beautiful mind, to live in the bliss of the flow, that bliss of moving with the loving flow of the Universe, rather than attempting to wade upstream against it. 

I am closer to this each day. Each moment that I write reminds my human mind of the joy of remembering and living in connection with Spirit.

What is it in your life that reminds your wonderful, human mind of the bliss of being in the Divine flow of life? Whatever it is, I wish you have every day that reminder in your life which allows you to be in the flow of life, which allows you to move with life each day with grace. 

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