Tuesday, March 15, 2011


For my global family in Japan, where my thoughts and love have been since Friday...

by Lynda Allen

I don’t know where to begin
I haven’t words big enough
for the little things that are forever lost.
For the eyes that will never meet
for the jokes that will go untold
for hands not held
for curls not brushed aside
for laughter never heard
for love that will remain unspoken
What words for loss so vast?
They are shallow
compared to the depths
that reached such heights.
They are weak
compared to the strength
that shattered homes and hearts.
They are empty
compared to the fullness
of their grief.
No words,
only the cries of loss
echoing around the world.

I take up the echo
sent across the sea,
allow it to fill me
until I am with them
in their sorrow.
There I find the words,
floating among the debris,
heard amid the cries.
I turn and repeat the echo,
send it back as a new wave.
I love you.

That vibration stronger
than any other,
stronger than pain,
stronger than sorrow
stronger than the ache
of feeling alone.
Strong enough to bring
pieces back together
to heal broken lives
to bring the memory of hope.
Strong enough to raise up
what was brought low.
Strong enough to be felt
through the loneliness.
The vibration of love,
the tremor felt round the world.
Let me be the epicenter.

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